KAFT Coaching

Coaching for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Coaching for Children, Teens and Young Adults

The motto of KAFT Coaching is "Develop Your Potential" Did you know that only 3% of the population understands what that is? so the other 97% are people who often do not have the life they chose but "the one that circumstances gave to them". To avoid this, we want to start at an early age in teaching children how to manage their emotions and develop their leadership and potential. Through these programs we are preparing a new generation of emotionally intelligent people who know how to use their strengths and recognize when they need to ask for help to be successful in the different areas of their life.

Some of the Programs we offer are:

Coach Karen Flores

CEO and founder of KAFT Coaching

B.A. in Psychology at SFSU, where she also took some graduate classes of the M.A Counseling Program. Coach Karen’s certifications are in Theology from the Diocese of Oakland and The University of Santa Clara, and 7 different certifications in Coaching

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